Can I cook a whole fish at a low temperature?

A user has left us the following question in our ask the chef section.

Good Morning. Can you cook a whole fish at a low temperature? I am looking for information, but I can only find advice on portions of fish. Could you give me some information?

This was Enrique Fleischmann’s response.

“Whole fish can be cooked without any problem. It is true that fish are usually cooked in fillets or pieces, however, there is no problem with cooking a whole fish. I would recommend that the fish you use for vacuum cooking inside the bag are fishes such as turbot, monkfish, hake, portioned sole, red mullet, etc.

Cooking times will depend on the size of the fish, as well as its freshness and quality. I would recommend a cooking temperature of 60ºC, taking into account that the length of cooking time will affect the texture of the fish and that temperatures below 65ºC in the heart of the product mean it must be for immediate consumption.

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