Sammic: The Right Choice

Sammic: 50 years of history in a few words

SAMMIC is considered Spain’s leading Designer and Manufacturer of Foodservice Equipment and one of the main players worldwide.

The company was founded in Azpeitia (Basque Region of Spain) in 1961, home to the famous Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Different generations of local families have proudly worked for SAMMIC since it was founded.
This is a region of long industrial tradition and one of the world’s top culinary destinations, with 8 Michelin Star restaurants (averaging 2 each) in an area 3/4 the size of Rhode Island. This mix of high end industrial development and great gastronomic orientation has a lot to do with SAMMIC’s past, present and future.
SAMMIC started manufacturing potato peelers in 1961 and soon completed its Food Preparation line.
In the early 1970’s a High Temperature under counter dishwasher was designed and manufactured. This was the beginning of our complete Ware Washing line.
Always in tune with the foodservice tendencies, in the 1990’s, SAMMIC designed and started manufacturing a full line of Vacuum Packing machines, as the beginning of our Food Preservation line.
SAMMIC was a part of Bersiford PLC, then ENODIS from 1997 until 2001.
In 2002 SAMMIC was acquired back from ENODIS by its original founders and managers. Since 2005, 20% of the company is owned by its employees.
Currently SAMMIC has divisions in the UK, Italy, France, Portugal and the United States and its products are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide.

What is SAMMIC known for internationally?
  • Designing and Manufacturing European quality products: Well engineered, ergonomic, reliable.
  • Keeping it simple: Developing versatile machines that cover a broad range of kitchen needs.
  • Top value offering.

In Food Preservation and Sous Vide product line, Sammic offers an integral solution that covers all the cycle of "Sous Vide" culinary technique with: