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Sous-Vide or Vacuum Cooking is a culinary technique that goes beyond fashion. From French “under vacuum“, Sous-vide (pronounced suvíd) technique keeps the integrity of food, by cooking it in hermetic sealed plastic bags and immersed in water at precisely controlled and low temperature for a long time. The temperature and cooking time varies according to the product requirements.

It is clean and profitable technique that allows to obtain surprising results for any professional user. And we will show it to you on this website. Welcome!
Are you dreaming of a culinary technique that…
  • ... guarantees cooking at a precisely controlled temperature while preserving the quality of the product, enhancing flavor and texture?
  • … allows cooking food in their own juice and using this juice immediately after cooking to enhance flavors?
  • ... marinate and macerates an ingredient in half the time?
  • ... infuses and flavors oil, fat or other products applying the controlled temperature technique?
  • ... increases profits due to lack of product shrink?
  • … requires very little hands-on time, allowing you to do other tasks while the product is being cooked?
  • ... offers professional performance?
  • ... allows for an effective HACCP control?
  • ... you can take with you wherever you go?

Know SmartVide by Sammic!

Innovative Cooking Solutions

Any Chef’s dream comes true

SmartVide Features
  • User friendly, portable, commercial device.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Wifi connectivity.
  • HACCP-ready.
  • Janby Track ready
  • Recipe memory.
  • Firmware update
  • Core probe in option.
  • Transport bag.


of maximum water tank capacity with the SmartVide XL sous-vide cooker (30 gallons).



of maximum water tank capacity with the SmartVide 7 and SmartVide 9 sous-vide cookers (14 gallons).



of maximum water tank capacity with the SmartVide 5 sous-vide cooker (8 gallons).

Professional gear for the Sous-Vide Kitchen

Top European manufacturer of food-service equipment for almost 60 years, Sammic provides top quality machines for the whole sous-vide process.

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