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Frequently Asked Questions

I've got an oven, why do I need a SmartVide?

if I’ve already got a convection or mixed oven why do I need a SmartVide?

The SmartVide and the oven (convection or mixed, hereafter “oven”) are two different concepts. They are two products that respond to different needs and that can complement each other perfectly in a kitchen. We will try to explain the main differences between the SmartVide and the oven, in order to understand the details that may lead us to select a SmartVide at a certain moment.SmartVide vs. oven

What is the minimum equipment I need?

I'm going to get started in the sous-vide. What is the minimum equipment I need?

The minimum equipment necessary consists of a vacuum packing machine and a sous-vide cooker.

Is it necessary to use different bag thicknesses depending on the cooking temperature?

When cooking sous-vide in vacuum packing pouches, is it necessary to use different bag thicknesses depending on the cooking temperature?

The vacuum bags are divided roughly as follows:

Preservation bags: mainly used to preserve foods. They can normally withstand, without problems if they offer good quality, temperatures between 55° -70°C, enough for cooking and regenerationg in many processes.

Cooking bags: these bags are reinforced and made of different materials. These bags are ideal for long-time cooking and controlled temperatures ranging from 70°C-120° C. Some of them stand up to 225°C.

Retractile bags: these bags are also very good for long-time cooking and can stand temperatures ranging from 70°C to 99°C.

Therefore, we recommend looking at, rather than thickness, qualities and attributes of bags and to be aware of the maximum temperatures they can support. This data will be provided by the manufacturer.

Note: the plastic bags often expand with heat, causing the separationi the side seals. This cannot be apparciated by sight, but the product inside the pouch can have received the water from the bath where it was cooked.

For sous-vide cooking, does the bag have to be completely immersed?

I have placed the asparagus in the SmartVide and the bag floats. My question is, does the bag have to be totally immersed?

Yes, it does. All low temperature cooking must be submerged, in order to ensure uniform and ideal cooking.

The reason you have air left in the bag is that the asparagus when cooked release the air inside them. Therefore, during cooking, the air inside the asparagus escapes into the bag.

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