Cooking oysters in their shell

In our Ask the Chef section, we received the following question:

Hello, I would like to vacuum cook oysters in their shell. Could you advise me on the temperature and time? Thank you!

This was the answer given by our chef:

“For cooking oysters in their shell, you have to be very careful that the shells do not break the bag. This can be done with the smooth decompression service of our vacuum machines. Once you are sure that the bag is not going to break, for a 50 g oyster, the vacuum cooking time would be 15 to 18 minutes approximately. I would produce a 99% vacuum and, once the cooking was completed, I would use it at the same time, I would not leave it for later use. That is, I would make immediate use of the oyster.”

Many thanks for your question.

Photo of Ben Stern on Unsplash