Blast chilling of products allows the maintenance of most of the moisture contained in the food and avoids the formation of macrocrystals, retaining the organoleptic properties of the food.

Schock freezing allows for reaching a core temperature of -18ºC in less than 4 hours for the product's optimal preservation.

In both cases, we use a Blast Chiller..

Advantages of blast chillers
Advantages of Blast Chilling

  • Extensive and flexible menu.
  • Food Quality and Safety.
  • Savings in food preparation.
  • Reduction of waste.
Advantages of Shock Freezing

  • Retention of the organoleptic properties of the product.
  • Long time preservation.
  • Purchase of raw product in low-price and/or high-quality season.
  • Half-prepared food always ready for regeneration.

The Blast Chiller

Sammic Blast Chillers
  • Double function: blast chilling + schock freezing.
  • Indirect air flush: low product dehydration.
  • Powerful compressors: quick chilling.
  • Conic-shaped core probe: easy to extract.
  • Hard chilling function for thick products.
  • Preservation with automatic defrost: longtime preservation.
  • Hot gas defrosting:very fast and effective.
  • Pre-chilling function: costless chilling process.

Get to know our Blast Chillers

Get to know our Blast Chillers

Get to know our range of Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers. We offer a wide range in different sizes, both for trays and trollews: the ideal solution for each need.

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