Vacuum Packing

Vacuum Packing is a natural food preservation system. Air is removed from the pack, eliminating oxygen, the principal food spoilage agent.

Vacuum Packing has many uses in food industry and commercial foodservice:

  • Packing of raw or cured products.
  • Packing of traditionially cooked food.
  • Sous-Vide cooking.
  • Packing in Protective atmosphere.
  • Freezing of Sous Vide cooked products.
Why is it important to vacuum-pack for Sous-Vide cooking?
  • SAFETY: The absence of oxygen prevents the reproduction of aerobic bacteria.
  • ACCURACY: The absence of air in the bag allows a more accurate cooking at the programmed temperature.
  • UNIFORMITY: The absence of oxygen allows the bag not to float and the cooking to be uniform.

Vacuum Packing Basics


Cutting-edge creations using vacuum packing method

Beyond mere food preservation with all its benefits, we can use vacuum packing to obtain cutting-edge creations with techniques such as:

  • Cold osmosis.
  • Aerial creations.
  • Fruit or vegetable transparency.

The Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum packing techniques and equipment.

Get to know our Vacuum Packing Machines

Get to know our Vacuum Packing Machines

We offer a wide range of commercial vacuum packing machines with several chamber sizes, pump capacities and utilities. We invite you to visit our website to get to know the Food Preservationi Solutions we offer.

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