High production retherming and cooking station

Serve up to 200 portions of 200 gr per hour

Sous vide is widely known for precise time/temperature controlled cooking, but it has always been restricted to a small amount of servings. Until now! 

Now, operators can serve up to 200 portions of 200 g per hour, with the same precision as obtained using a typical countertop sous vide bath.

Ideal for
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Banquets
  • Hotels
  • Central Kitchens
  • All kinds of large-scale institutions

litres capacity

What advantages does this solution have?

Up to 200 servings of 200 gr per hour
Several meals can be retherming simultaneously in the same bath.
Preserves quality of the product and enhances flavor and texture.
To obtain extremely consistent results.
Allowing to export or print results of each cycle.
Control cooking & retherming times of each product independently.

Products involved in the solution

The SmartVide XL cooker and 120P Precision Rethermalizer Tank are designed to help foodservice professionals with productivity, menu versatility and culinary quality.

SmartVide XL sous-vide cooker

SmartVide XL sous-vide cooker

The SmartVide XL, with a power of 2,600W, is a professional sous-vide cooker, with excellent precision and reliability, easy to use and transport. With a 5” touch screen and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, SmartVide XL is designed to work in containers with a capacity of up to 120 litres.

See SmartVide XL

120P heated tank

120P heated tank

The heated tank with a capacity of 120 litres and power of 3,000W connects to the SmartVide XL, which controls it to heat the water twice as fast. The tank is completely free of components and has rounded corners to avoid any build-up of dirt and to make cleaning easier. In addition, users can buy stainless steel baskets to help organise products inside the tank.

See 120P heated tank


Janby Track-ready

In addition, this solution for large-scale production can be digitalised by combining it with the Janby Track system from Janby Digital Kitchen. In this way, every batch can be tracked and the user can deliver a superior culinary experience and standardised service while automating food safety requirements.

Janby Digital Kitchen

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