Learn Sous-Vide

The sous-vide (French 'vacuum') is a cooking technique that maintains the integrity of the food when heated for long periods of time at relatively low temperatures.
The sous vide employs hermetically sealed plastic bags that are dipped in hot water well below boiling point, usually around 60°C / 140ºF

Stages of Sous Vide cooking

  • Pack
    Vacuum Packing is a natural food preservation system. Air is removed from the pack, eliminating oxygen, the principal food spoilage agent.
  • Cook
    Vacuum cook your Sous-Vide recipes in hermetic sealed plastic bags and immersed in water at precisely controlled low temperature for a long time.
  • Preserve
    Shock freezing in a blast chiller allows for reaching a core temperature of -18ºC in less than 4 hours for the product's optimal preservation.
  • Serve
    Sous-Vide cooked and chilled or frozen preserved products must be regenerated (brought back to serving temperature) before serving.