Filet mignon: Time and temperature

In our “Ask the Chef” section, we received the following question.

“Hello, chef, I am trying to vacuum cook filet mignon, but I can’t find the button.” I have tried it in different ways, for one hour and even for two and a half hours. But it hasn’t turned out well and I am beginning to give up hope. Can you help me?”

This was the answer given by our chef:

“Hello! To cook Filet mignon, I recommend that you cook it at 70ºC for 10 minutes and then sear the meat and serve it. Another option that could work is to allow it to cook for longer, as if it were being braised. For that I would recommend cooking it for three hours at 75ºC. That would leave you with very tender meat. Bear in mind that the filet mignon area can be cooked for very little time and be tender, but if we exceed the temperature and time threshold the meat will become very tough. It will then be necessary to leave the meat exposed to heat for longer so that it softens and remains tender.”