Sous-vide cooking temperatures for fish

A user asks us what internal temperature a fish needs to be cooked to, so that it will “just” come away from the bones. Here’s our chef’s answer.

First of all, we must take into account the kind of fish as each of them has a different ideal cooking point that depends on different factors. For this reason, we cannot define just one temperature.

verdel con cebolla en escabeche-7

Blue fish (tuna, mackerel) is mainly consumed underdone as their texture is more pleasant at this point. In these products, the ideal core temperature is 50ºC.


In white fish (hake, cod), the ideal texture is the point where the product is juicy, it comes away from the bones and moisture remains inside. The ideal cooking temperatura for white fish is 55ºC.

In the case of more fibrous fish with a high collagen content like shark or stingray, the ideal core temperature is 60ºC. This temperature allows to relax the muscles and this is how the best texture can be obtained.

These temperatures are ideal for immediate consumption. We would like to remind you that 65ºC is the minimum cooking temperature to avoid health risk if you intend to preserve the product to consume later.