How should I reheat food cooked sous-vide?

A user has asked us the following question.

“When foods such as steak, duck breast or similar have been vacuum-cooked and then refrigerated, how long must we roast the food for to give it colour and reheat properly, but not overcook it?”

This was our chef’s answer.


Once the food has been cooked and stored, when the time comes for it to be consumed my recommendation is to use controlled regeneration. This means that the food, still in vacuum bags, should be placed in a hot water tank and allowed to heat up until it reaches the correct internal temperature.  After this step, I would recommend you finish it off, for example on a hotplate, under a salamander grill or in a frying pan. I recommend that the regeneration temperature should never be higher than the cooking temperature so that you don’t have any cooking problems or uncontrolled regeneration that causes the texture and the degree of cooking to change.

Many thanks for the question.