Crêpes: Conservation and regeneration times

The following question has been received in our “ask our chef” section.

Hello Chef! How long can I keep a vacuum-packed crêpe for? Also, I would like to know if I can reheat the vacuum-packed crêpe, while preserving its flavour. Thank you!

This was our chef’s answer:

“Thank you very much for sending us your question.

When you have the crêpes ready, my recommendation would be the following:

  1. Cool the crêpes so that when you put them in a vacuum they are not hot and are not evaporating their humidity.
  2. I would recommend placing a piece of baking paper between each crêpe, so that when you need to work with them, it’s easier to remove each one as needed.
  3. Make the conservation vacuum, and at that point you can decide whether you’re going to freeze, pasteurise or simply preserve for a certain time.

If you’re just going to store them, I would say that the taste and texture of the crêpes will remain for at least 8-10 days with no problem. On the other hand, if you pasteurise, you could get 30 days, and if you freeze 1-2 months. There is no problem with reheating the crêpes in the sous-vide, the only thing is that you have to pack the crêpes by portion or by the number of crêpes in the portion. Anyway, in my opinion, the crêpe could be heated in a traditional way and that would be easier.

Muchas gracias por la pregunta.”