Time and temperature for eggs

A user has sent this question:

Greetings Chef, I would like to make eggs at a low temperature, but I can’t find the data in the cooking guide. Could you tell me the time and temperature to make them? I would also like to know whether there is any difference in the recipe if I am making 10 eggs or if I am making 50. Thanks very much!

This was the response of Enrique Fleischmann:

Cooking eggs at low temperature does not currently appear on our list, we will add it as soon as possible. To make them, the technique to use is the one shown in the Ratatouille recipe. If more eggs are made at the same time, there is no problem as long as every egg starts at a similar temperature. In this case, use eggs at room temperature. I hope this answers your question. The cooking time is 64º for 36 min.