When do I have to place the product into the water bath?

Our chef Enrique Fleischmann received the following question in the “Ask the chef” section:

I have a question about temperatures. When the temperature at which to cook the food is shown, is it necessary to heat the water first to this temperature or place the food in the water from the very beginning? Thanks and regards!

This was the answer given by our chef.

When we talk about cooking at a certain temperature, this means that the food must be placed in the water once it has reached the indicated temperature.

Depending on the desired cooking method, the time will begin from one moment or the other. When the food will be eaten immediately, the time usually begins from the moment in which the food enters the water bath. By contrast, in the case of pasteurisation, the time begins once the centre of the product has reached the necessary temperature. The sous-vide cooking method varies depending on the technique desired or required.