Temperature and cooking time for boiled wheat

In our “Ask the chef” section, we received the following question:

“I would appreciate information on the temperature and cooking time for boiled wheat.”

This was the answer given by Enrique Fleischmann.

Vacuum cooking seeds, grains or cereals is slightly more complicated than it may seem, given that the majority of these ingredients need a boiling temperature to cook correctly and to avoid being raw on the inside.

To cook boiled wheat as you mention, it would be best for you do some tests. I would recommend soaking it for approximately 2-3 hours to soften the seed, and then cook with the water, salt and any other ingredients that you wish to add. I would recommend a temperature of 90ºC for approximately 2 hours. At the end of this time, you can check whether the wheat has been cooked correctly for consumption. A light water density is extremely important, to help it to penetrate the grain and cook correctly.