• 1,5 kg de carne de brisket
  • 15 g de sal
  • 18 g de pimienta negra
  • 10 g de pimienta blanca
  • 10 g espellette
  • 2 chiles guajillo secos
  • 2 g de oregano
  • 20 g de aceite de oliva


The brisket is the breast of the beef. Being one of the toughest beef meats, it is very important to cook it for many hours. This is one of the classic Texas barbecue recipes, which in this case is made in a smoker. 

To prepare this brisket recipe, start by adding salt and pepper to the meat. Then, in a spice mill, add all the spices and grind them finely. Put the mash on a tray and coat the meat thoroughly.

Once the brisket is well coated, put it in a vacuum bag and cook it in the SmartVide sous-vide cooker for 24 hours at 65 degrees. (If you are not going to use the meat directly, cool it and regenerate it before use.)

Finally, slice the meat into thick slices and make a sandwich with a focaccia, cheese, lettuce and tomato.


In this recipe, the extended period of sous vide cooking gives the meat a softer texture and makes it easy to prepare large batches. In addition, it is easy to ration the brisket and regenerate only the amount to be used.

Chef’s comment