Regeneration of eggs at low temperature

We have received the following question in our Ask our Chef section: 

“Hello, how can I regenerate eggs at low temperature? If I do the regeneration in the sous-vide, how long do I have to give it and at what temperature? Thank you!”

This was our Chef’s answer: 

To regenerate eggs at a low temperature, set the water in the tank to 45ºC and put the eggs in for about 15 minutes so that their internal temperature reaches at least 40ºC. This all depends on the type of egg, the size and what temperature it is kept at before it is regenerated.  

I recommend that you make the relevant tests in order to properly standardise the times.  

You can also carry out the low temperature cooking and then keep it ready for use in a tank at 40ºC during service. 

Thanks very much for the question.”