Wild boar, deer and fawn: Times and temperatures

The following question has been received: 

“Hello, I can’t find the time and temperature for low-temperature vacuum cooking of wild boar, deer and fawn. Can you help me? Thank you in advance! “

Enrique replies: 


We try to make as many recipes as possible using different produce, but it is true that there are ingredients we have not yet worked with in our R&D kitchen. That’s why they’re not on the list. We only include the times and temperatures of dishes that we have worked on ourselves. 

Nevertheless, we did work with these ingredients in our restaurant. So I can share our experience with you. 

Cooking the boar: 80ºC for 5-6 hours, depending on the cut. 

For the deer and fawn: 60ºC for 35 minutes.  

To help you a little more, it would be useful to know what part of the animal you want to cook. 

Thank you.”