How do I regenerate different dishes at the same time in a service? How do I control times and temperatures?

A user asked the following question: 

“Hello, I have a restaurant. I’m thinking of buying a thermal circulator but I have a lot of reservations. The questions are about regeneration in an á la carte service. If I have 4 different dishes in an order, how can I regenerate the 4 dishes when there’s a pork cheek, a cod, a shoulder of lamb and a hake in lemon? Is it possible to regenerate them all together? what temperature should it be at during service? and how long will it take?”

Enrique Fleischmann replied: 

“Here’s what I have to say: that problem you mentioned, all of us who work with sous-vide and low temperature have had it! At Sammic we have developed a system called Smartvide Track which is specifically designed to help control the cooking processes of each of the foods being cooked in a hot water tank. In this way the ingredients are standardised to their cooking times as determined by you, and will not be able to overcook. However, so that you can control all your dishes and maintain the quality of these cooking at the same temperature, you must standardise the processes. In other words, you’ll only have to measure the time cycles needed for each of them once and then record them in the SmartVide Track and you won’t need to repeat this operation. Our system has the capacity to work with up to 3 tanks of water of different temperature so we could find a way of working with the different categories and their individual times and temperatures. I imagine this sounds a little strange to you, but I invite you to watch the videos on our Smartvide Track page and I think you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about. If you still have questions, please contact us and we’ll look for other ways to explain in more detail. 

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