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How should I reheat food cooked sous-vide?

A user has asked us the following question. “When foods such as steak, duck breast or similar have been vacuum-cooked and then refrigerated, how long must […]

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Crêpes: Conservation and regeneration times

The following question has been received in our “ask our chef” section. Hello Chef! How long can I keep a vacuum-packed crêpe for? Also, I would […]

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SmartVide by Sammic at NKUHT in Taiwan

Thanks to Sammic’s partnership with NKUHT (National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism) in Taiwan, our SmartVide immersion circulators are being used to train future culinary […]

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Which fish do you recommend for advance preparation?

Our corporate chef Enrique Fleischmann has received the following question: What fish do you recommend we include in our menu? It needs to withstand cooking at […]

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I have frozen goods, how does that influence cooking times?

We have received the following question in our “Ask the Chef” section. I live in an area where most products are bought frozen. How does that […]

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Caña de pavo

Turkey leg: Time and temperature

In the Q&A section, we’ve received the following question:   “Hello Chef, I’d like some advice on cooking a turkey leg.” This was Enrique Fleischmann’s response:  “Hello, For […]

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