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How do I regenerate a beef steak?

A user asked the following question: Hello Chef! I cooked a 450gr steak at 55ºC for two hours. I’ve stored it in the fridge until tomorrow […]

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Infused oil: temperature

A user has asked the following question: At what temperature can we make an infused oil? This was the response of our chef Enrique Fleischmann: “The […]

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Rollo de pollo

Chicken rolls: Time and temperature

A user has asked us the following: “I need to know the cooking time and temperature to use for preparing mini chicken rolls (about 6 cm […]

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Can I cook a whole fish at a low temperature?

A user has left us the following question in our ask the chef section. Good Morning. Can you cook a whole fish at a low temperature? […]

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How should I reheat food cooked sous-vide?

A user has asked us the following question. “When foods such as steak, duck breast or similar have been vacuum-cooked and then refrigerated, how long must […]

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Crêpes: Conservation and regeneration times

The following question has been received in our “ask our chef” section. Hello Chef! How long can I keep a vacuum-packed crêpe for? Also, I would […]

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