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Temperature and cooking time for boiled wheat

In our “Ask the chef” section, we received the following question: “I would appreciate information on the temperature and cooking time for boiled wheat.” This was […]

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Shoulder of lamb: correct temperature and time?

We received the following question in the “Ask the chef” section: I have seen on the cooking charts that a shoulder of lamb should be cooked […]

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Bones and vacuum bags. How can I solve the problem of broken bags?

One user sent us the following question: How can we solve the problem of broken bags, particularly in products that include large bones, such as beef […]

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Beef tenderloin steak: Time and temperature

The following question has been received in our “Ask our chef” section: Hello, I would like to know the cooking time and temperature for a beef […]

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The SmartVide at National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism

Thanks to Sammic’s partnership with NKUHT (National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism) in Taiwan, our SmartVide immersion circulators are being used to train future culinary professionals. Last […]

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The Burning Oak

SmartVide at The Burning Oak, Singapore

Sammic Team in Singapore would like to share The Burning Oak‘s experience with SmartVide by Sammic. Located within The Bedok Market Place, the veredict of Mr […]

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