Pork ham: Time and temperature

We received the following question in our “Ask the chef” section:

“Hello, chef, we are thinking about making a pork ham, first on low and then putting it in the oven. The ham weighs 11 kg. We have only found cooking times for other parts of the pig, but not for the ham. Can you guide us regarding what temperature and how long we have to cook it? Thank you very much!”

This was the answer of Enrique Fleischmann.

“For cooking the ham, we have to reach an internal temperature of 65 ºC in the heart of the product and a tank temperature of 66 ºC. When it has reached that temperature, I would cook it for at least 6 hours. Remember that these hams usually are marinated or macerated with brine before cooking. You can even inject a brine that helps season and salt the interior.

Once the cooking is finished, let it stand for an hour without cooling. Then cool it in a temperature chiller or ice bath.”