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I have frozen goods, how does that influence cooking times?

We have received the following question in our “Ask the Chef” section. I live in an area where most products are bought frozen. How does that […]

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Caña de pavo

Turkey leg: Time and temperature

In the Q&A section, we’ve received the following question:   “Hello Chef, I’d like some advice on cooking a turkey leg.” This was Enrique Fleischmann’s response:  “Hello, For […]

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Hake and cod kokotxas (fish throats)

A user has asked the following question:  “What would be the temperatures and cooking times for hake and cod kokotxa?” Enrique replies:  “For hake kokotxa we do […]

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Regeneration of eggs at low temperature

We have received the following question in our Ask our Chef section:  “Hello, how can I regenerate eggs at low temperature? If I do the regeneration […]

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Wild boar, deer and fawn: Times and temperatures

The following question has been received:  “Hello, I can’t find the time and temperature for low-temperature vacuum cooking of wild boar, deer and fawn. Can you […]

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How do I regenerate different dishes at the same time in a service? How do I control times and temperatures?

A user asked the following question:  “Hello, I have a restaurant. I’m thinking of buying a thermal circulator but I have a lot of reservations. The […]

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