Mi-cuit foie: traditional vs. sous-vide cooking

We compare micuit foie cooking using traditional and sous-vide cooking methods.

Chef Iñaki Agirre and Enrique Fleischmann have taken the initiative to compare traditional (oven) and sous-vide cooking of micuit foie. To do so, both have started from the same quality duck liver. Iñaki has been in charge of cooking it using the tradicional method, using a gastronorm oven, and Enrique Fleischmann has done the same using a SmartVide immersion circulator.

Above all it has been a research exercise with the aim of getting to know some of the values that sous-vide cooking can offer.

  • Using the immersion circulator, we have cooked the liver at 64ºC/ 147ºF for 30 minutes.
  • Using the gastronorm oven, we have cooked the product at 115-120ºF / 239-248ºF for 40-45 minutes.

The result has been successful in both cases, but we have noticed a few differences when tasting.

Enrique Fleischmann: “Sous-vide technology offers us new opportunities that allow us to evolve and improve traditional recipes, improving the working process at the same time.”

When cooking hermetically using sous-vide technology, the values of the product will remain inside the cooking bag, which will contain all taste nuances. In addition, we will obtain a batter performance of the final product.