Lobster in achiote butter


  • 300 gr of raw lobster tail
  • 110 gr of butter
  • 55 gr of achiote
  • 2 gr of black pepper
  • 3 gr of salt
  • 45 gr of sweet and sour sauce
  • 40 gr of pesto
  • 2 gr of shoots
  • 2 gr of flowers
  • 4 gr of ground Poblano chilli
  • 8 gr of ground Pasilla chilli
  • 8 gr of ground Ancho chilli


To prepare this recipe for lobster in achiote butter, we begin by blending the butter with the achiote to achieve a smooth paste.

We take our peeled and cleaned lobster tail, season it with salt and pepper to taste, and generously coat it with the achiote butter, ensuring it is well covered.

We place it inside a vacuum-sealed bag.

Next, we proceed to cook the lobster in the SmartVide sous-vide cooker at 70° C for 12 minutes.

Once vacuum-cooked, we briefly sear the lobster to add colour, then cut it and serve it as a warm salad, accompanied by the sauces, pesto, shoots, and flowers.

To finish, we sprinkle with the chillies.

Vacuum cooking in achiote butter infuses the lobster with intense flavours and preserves its succulent texture. This technique highlights the flavours and quality of the lobster.

Chef’s Notes