Cheesecake is an old recipe that is popular all over the world. The books of Ancient Greece and Rome already included writings about this delicious dessert, however, the first recipe recorded as we know it today dates from 1390. It was included in an English cookery book, so we can say that cheesecake is an English invention.


  • 450g of cream cheese (e.g. Philadelphia)
  • 100g sugar
  • 2g salt
  • 130g egg (3 whole eggs)
  • Vanilla and lemon peel
  • 130g whipping cream (35% fat)


Tarta de queso en bote_1

To make this cheesecake, first infuse the cream with the vanilla and lemon peel in the SmartVide at 80°C for one hour. Meanwhile, cream together the cheese, salt, eggs and sugar. Once the cream is infused, add it to the mixture and strain it.

Fill the jars to three quarters of their volume with the resulting mixture and close them loosely. Carefully, put the jars into the SmartVide and cook them at 80ºC for 90 minutes.

Finally, remove the jars and let them cool. Then, decorate them to your liking and enjoy!
Tarta de queso en bote-6_1

By making your cheesecake in the SmartVide, you have absolute control of the temperature and that allows you to get the same result every time. Also, because it’s pasteurised, it’s very easy to store.