Advice on times and temperatures: Iberian pork fillet and chicken breast

A user asked us the following question:

Hello Enrique. I’m a big fan of your page and have done many of your recipes. I have a cooker, but I still have a few doubts about the time/temperature ratio with some foods. For example, I’m trying to cook an Iberian pork fillet at a low temperature as well as plain chicken breast. I have found many differing answers regarding times and temperatures. Could you give me your advice, please? Thank you.

This was the answer from our chef.

“First of all, thank you for putting your trust in us.

For the Iberian pork fillet, as it’s a product made from Iberian pork, many chefs opt for cooking it under the same conditions as red meat (sirloin steak, beef chop… etc.). If you want to do it that way, I would cook it in the SmartVide to 50ºC at the core and then I would finish it off on the hotplate or grill for 2 minutes to give it that caramelized color and taste. However, if you want to cook it in a traditional way for pork, I would cook it at 85º for 6 hours. This will achieve a very different and distinctive result.

Thanks for your comment.”