Transparencies of vegetables or fruits by vacuum

A few weeks ago we brought you a video which showed how to obtain transparencies of fruits or vegetables by applying vacuum using our commercial vacuum sealers.

Given the interest shown by many dealers and end users, we have delved a little deeper into the subject in collaboration with Enrique Fleischmann, our corporate chef, and his team of Fleischmann’s Cooking Group.

Technically, this development’s main concept is to destroy air cells that make up the structure of some fruits and vegetables by applying vacuum with a vacuum sealer.

When we have a thin-cut element under 100% vacuum (for which a slicer is recommended) and placed in a liquid, we can make its structure become “transparent”.

You can also infuse the product subjected to this process with some flavor, color or aroma. To achieve this, we can put a bath syrup or liqueur at the base of the machine and then place the slices of fruit or vegetables that we want to color or infuse inside.

Here are some examples that may be helpful:

Product: Bath: Result: Chef’s Notes:
Green Apple Cider Flavored cider apples. You can make a dessert with only one ingredient.
Tender Chive Water + Salt + Lemon The flavor of the chive is reduced while it becomes transparent and is flavored. It would be a good technique for presentations that require a subtle taste of chive.
White Asparagus Water + Milk + Sugar The bitter taste of asparagus is reduced, while we give a different and unique look. To prepare seasonal dishes where asparagus is an accompaniment, with different texture and with such a fine cut that allows you to eat it raw.

This technique allows you to find another use for our vacuum packing machines. The imagination is the only limitation to the amount of creations you want to achieve.

Here we bring you some images showing the steps to be followed to obtain transparencies of fruits or vegetables by applying vacuum.