Regeneration of food by sous vide

Regeneration of food is a process aimed to maintain the quality of food, trying to raise to natural temperature the blast chilled, frozen or quickly packaged food in the most delicate way.

Regeneration of vacuum packed products, previously cooked and chilled, contribute to the hoteliers and restaurateurs with great advantages: better organization of production and lower waste, greater flexibility in menus, better conditions in the purchase, increased food security, improved quality of food, etc.

If for cooking sous vide and later food preservation we use the vacuum sealer, sous vide cooker and blast chiller, for regeneration, again, we use the sous vide cooker. At this stage, it is important not to exceed the cooking temperature of the product not to prejudice its qualities. Once the desired temperature has been reached and before serving, we can choose to grill, fry, or bake the product as long as the initial cooking temperature is not exceeded in the products heart.

To illustrate, in collaboration with Fleischmann’s Cooking Group, we bring you a video that shows the process of regeneration of a piece of lamb previously cooked at controlled temperature.