Regeneration at low temperatures

It is well known that  sous vide is perfect for precise cooking and getting the best from the ingredients, with all the organisational, economic and quality advantages for the final product that this entails. But did you know that sous-vide is also good for regenerating the product prior to serving? The following video shows this.

Low temperatures, monitored accurately, help us to properly and professionally regenerate products that have been made earlier. For optimum results, it is important to monitor the regeneration temperature. This must be in line with the original cooking temperature of the product (the regeneration temperatures must never exceed the original cooking temperature).

Regeneration was, and is, an very useful tool in the kitchen. Today, with the help of SmartVide you can achieve a standardised quality with optimum results.

Its ease of use and its practicality make regeneration is a very interesting tool for small kitchen teams, as well as for the productivity of a kitchen.

If the SmartVide8 was designed for the creation and preparation of recipes, the SmartVide6, without the option of connecting a core probe, is perfect for making recipes that have already been created and for regeneration.