Learning for sous-vide

A user asks our chef: ¿could you advice me the first step for use sous-vide the way it is and simple équipements to realise all superbe dishes that i see i am learning that trent now? 

Below, the answer of the chef Enrique Fleischmann:

On our website (www.sous-vide.cooking) you will find the basics of vacuum packing and cooking, as well as the related equipment.

What we can advise you is to start sous-vide cooking with the products you best know and most cook. As a first exercise I suggest that you cook chicken breast, it is a basic and easy product and you will be able to appreciate the difference between traditional and sous-vide cooking.

Remember that, with sous-vide cooking, you can:

  • Cook
  • Aromatize
  • Infuse
  • Preserve
  • Regenerate

All these values require some experience and training to execute them correctly.

You have an orientative cooking guide on our website (temperature & time). I would like to remind you that these temperatures and times can vary depending on product quality and origin.