Frothy coconut ice cream


  • 300g of sheep’s milk
  • 125g of coconut in soluble powder
  • 10g of resource
  • 3g of Sucrose Ester

Helado espumoso


To make a frothy coconut ice cream, first, mix all of the ingredients in a glass and whisk them together well. Let the mixture stand for five minutes do that the resource can hydrate.

After the five minutes have passed, whisk it again until a homogeneous and creamy mixture can be observed. Put it into the siphon and add three doses, shaking well between doses so that it mixes together well.

Then, let it stand for three minutes and place a layer of close to one centimetre in the bottom of a vacuum container. Vacuum until the initial volume has quadrupled and put it into the blast chiller in freezing mode.

To finish, take it out with the help of a spatula and divide it up.

It’s a good idea to serve the ice cream as soon as possible because it defrosts quickly.