Can you cook different food in the same bath?

The following question was received in our “ask our chef” section:

“Can you cook different food in the same bath? For example, could you cook a steak and its accompanying vegetables? Or, can you cook a fillet and some fish in the same bath or do I need more than one cooker for this?”

Here’s the chef’s answer:

“Cooking different elements in the same bath poses no problems whatsoever. The only thing that we need to consider are the cooking times. We can play around with these so that all of the elements that we want to cook have their own cooking formula at one temperature, but with times established individually.

We’ve launched SmartVide Track, a new system for the customised control of cooking times of sous-vide servings which allows times to be monitored bag by bag, identifying each container and controlling its cooking time. You might find it interesting. We’ll be releasing more information on this system shortly.”