Beef tenderloin steak: Time and temperature

The following question has been received in our “Ask our chef” section:

Hello, I would like to know the cooking time and temperature for a beef tenderloin steak (approximately 1 inch in thickness) wrapped in bacon and vacuum packed. Thank you!

This was Enrique Fleischmann’s response:


A 200g serving with a thickness of 1 inch and starting at 4ºC (temperature of the storage chamber) will cook to medium-rare by cooking it in a 70ºC bath for 12 minutes. The temperature inside will be between 45ºC and 50ºC so that it can be seared on the grill and served afterwards.

This said, remember that the best way to standardise these processes is by using a core probe for the first test and then standardising from there.

Thanks for your question.”