Advantages of Sous Vide cooking

Sous Vide cooking consists of vacuum packing raw products in a hermetically sealed bag and cook it in the same bag at a precisely controlled temperature for a long time. After this, we can finish, plate and serve the dish or blast chill the product and preserve it.

Product Quality:

  • Minimum loss of humidity and weight.
  • Preserves flavour and aroma.
  • Highlights flavours and retains colours.
  • Preserves nutrients unlike traditional cooking.
  • Better retention of vitamins than traditional cooking or steaming.
  • Very little fat or salt must be added to the product.

Organizational and economic advantages:

  • Consistent results.
  • Maximizes advance preparation and facilitates work at peak times.
  • Low product shrinkage and accurate portion and cost control.
  • Low power consumption compared to ovens.
  • Cooking without gas reduces the ambient temperature of the kitchen as well as the risk of fire.
  • Different dishes can be regenerated simultaneously without mixing flavors.
  • Reduced cleaning times.
  • Simple use and uniform and consistent results.
  • The production planning allows for extending the menu.

There isn’t any doubt, this technique has come to stay.