Stuffed chicken: would freezing of the stuffing affect the quality of the product?

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Stuffed chicken: …originally I thought i would vacuum seal a few chicken breast, freeze them and then take them to my destination,  bring along my circulator and cook them there.  However, in looking at recipes I was intrigued by some stuffed chicken breast recipes where the breast is stuffed, vacuum sealed and then cooked.  My question is if I stuff some chicken breast with a cheese mixture can I then vacuum seal them, freeze them and then take them to my destination and cook them there or will the freezing mess up the stuffing?

We see no problem in freezing the stuffed chicken. The quality of the stuffing would not alter, provided all steps are properly executed.

I would not recommend to freeze the stuffed chicken longer than 6 months as some of the components of the cheese could alter due to low temperatures.

The fattier the cheese, the better the result. Cheese with low content in water support freezing and regeneration processes better.

I would also like to remind you that, if the product has properly been vacuum packed and cooked at 75ºC / 167ºF, it is not necessary to freeze the product if you are going to consume it before 15 days.