Perfectly cooked hamburgers with SmartVide

Hamburgers are perhaps one of the most popular dishes all around the world. Although they are not difficult to make, it is not so easy to serve a perfectly cooked hamburger, especially when we have 50 or more diners waiting to be served.

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SmartVide allows the possibility of serving more than 100 burgers at the same time. That’s because we can cook up to 120 burgers of 180g in advance, keep them warm in the tray while they wait to be served, with the guarantee of keeping them at a controlled temperature at all times, ready for their browning on the hotplate and final presentation.

How long does it take to cook a hamburger using sous-vide?

It will of course depend on the amount of meat, but we will assume that the hamburgers are 180g. We place the burger in a vacuum bag, extract 98% of the air (it may be necessary to fit a mould to maintain the size and shape of the hamburger) and put it in the SmartVide for 15 minutes at a temperature of 70ºC.

When this time has passed, we can remove the meat from the bag and brown it on the hotplate to finish, giving it the desired colour and flavour.