How to make sous-vide pâté

A user has asked us how to make pâté using sous-vide

Response from our chef:

It is possible to make sous-vide pâté. There are two ways to use sous-vide to make pâté:

If the pâté is only pork liver, chicken and other livers:

Place livers in the bag (the livers must be well cleaned). Once these are inside, the other ingredients are added to the bag (such as seasoning, salt, pepper, sherry, spring onions, etc.)

Cook at 80ºC for 2 hours (1 kg of liver).

When ready, remove from the bag, blend and pass through a fine sieve. Then spread out on a tray, cover with film and leave to cool.

Once cool, you can place in a vacuum bag to preserve or shape with a mould.

If the pâté is of liver, minced meat and fat:

Place all the ingredients (liver, minced meat , fat, seasoning, salt and pepper and sherry or brandy) into the mould or terrine, put the terrine in a 100% vacuum bag and cook until it reaches a core temperature of 75ºC.

When cooking has reached the required temperature, remove the terrine from the bath, cool it and place some weight on top to press it.

When cool, remove from the mould and set aside.

Keeping this pâté in a vacuum bag, already divided into portions, is a very practical and handy option.