Happy International Sous-Vide Day!

Today, 26th January, we are happy to join the first Sous Vide International Day (#ILoveSousVide). We want to celebrate this day with you, because we are really proud of being part of this revolutionary cooking technique, which goes far beyond fashion.

This method, which was first described in 1799 by Sir Benjamin Thompson and was rediscovered decades later by Georges Pralus, has more followers than ever before. Although it was originally used in the haute cuisines, nowadays, this cooking technique is affordable and useful for every kitchen, and, proudly, we can say that we are part of that ecosystem.

With our inmersion circulator SmartVide as main player, six years ago we launched this website and, little by little, we have been contributing our bit to this method. During these years, in addition to manufacturing state-of-the-art machinery, we have also published more than 150 recipes and news related to sous vide cooking, our chef has answered dozens of questions and doubts from our users, we have made more than 50 videos and we have been with all of you every day.

Therefore, on this special day we also want to say: I Love Sous Vide.

Happy  International Sous Vide Day!

Here you have the most special recipe we have prepared during those years.