Fondant recipe using sous-vide technique

We have received a consultation asking for fondant recipe. As we are on a website about sous-vide cooking, we have adapted the recipe to this technique. We hope you find it useful.


  • 7 gr Gelatin powder or leaves
  • 15 gr Water
  • 3,25 gr Glucose
  • 22 gr Glycerin
  • 15 gr Vegetable fat
  • 400-500 gr Icing sugar

(These proportions  vary depending on the geographical area and they must be adapted to the relative humidityand the type of glycerin available in each area).


Hydrate gelatin powder or leaves. When ready, put it in a vacuum bag adding glycerin, glucose and vegetable fat. Seal the bag and melt it using a SmartVide thermal circulator at 65ºC / 149ºF during 5-10 minutes.

Once these ingredients are melted, take them out of the bag and mix them with the icing sugar.

Knead until you get a uniform dough (you can use a Sammic planetary mixer with a dough hook).

Refrigerate it during 12 hours in a refrigerator and it will be ready to use.

Enrique Fleischmann’s notes:

Sous-vide and controlled temperature technique can be useful when preparing big quantities of fondant, as we would have all the basic ingredients of fondant ready to melt and mix and we would only have to add icing sugar to finish the recipe.

Vacuum packing bag can be useful to preserve the fondant when we need to preserve it to use later.

(Foto: California Bakery)