Italian focaccia with garlic and rosemary infused oil


For the garlic and rosemary infused oil:

  • 70 g mild olive oil
  • 20 g fresh garlic
  • 5 g chilli powder
  • 15 g thyme
  • 25 g fresh rosemary
  • 1 star anise
  • 1 glass jar with a lid, 120 cc

For the focaccia:

  • 1 kg strong flour
  • 750 g of water
  • 20 g table salt
  • 4 g fresh brewer’s yeast
  • 40 g vacuum infused oil
  • 100 g cherry tomatoes
  • 5 g fresh rosemary
  • 100 g olives
  • 20 g vacuum infused oil
  • 5 g coarse salt


For the garlic and rosemary infused oil

  • To prepare the garlic and rosemary infused oil (see other infused oils) we start by putting the oil and all the aromatics in a glass jar. We close the jar gently and pack it in the vacuum packing machine.
  • Then we cook it in the SmartVide sous-vide cooker for 60 minutes at 45 ºC.

For the focaccia

  • In a bowl, we dissolve the yeast in the water and add the flour, salt and 40g of the infused oil. We mix it with a spatula until thoroughly combined. We knead it for 5 minutes with the help of the spatula until we have an even consistency. We cover it and leave it to rest for 30 minutes.
  • After the first fermentation, we fold the dough, pulling the sides into the centre until we obtain a smooth and elastic texture. We leave it to prove for 4 hours at room temperature until it has doubled in volume.
  • We keep the dough refrigerated for 24 hours.
  • We then stretch the dough to cover a pre-oiled baking tray. We press our fingertips into the dough gently to deflate.
  • We cut the cherry tomatoes in half and place them on the dough together with the olives, 20g of the infused oil, the rosemary and the salt.
  • We leave it to rest for another 40 minutes before baking it at 170°C for 40 minutes.

Infusions in a jar can be a sustainable way to work with vacuum techniques and reuse old containers.

Chef notes