Aperol-infused strawberries, Espelette pepper and whipped cream


  • 250 g strawberries
  • 250 g chilled whipping cream
  • 35 g icing sugar
  • 150 g Aperol
  • 100 g orange juice
  • 3 g Espelette pepper
  • 8 g modified corn starch


To prepare this infused strawberries recipe, we start by washing the strawberries, removing their hulls and gently drying them. Once they are clean, we cut them into quarters lengthways.

We then arrange the strawberries on a tray at least 5cm deep, add the Aperol to them and place the tray in a vacuum inside the Sammic vacuum packing machine. Once we reach 97% vacuum we pause it for 10 minutes. In this way there will be an exchange of aroma, taste and texture through pressure.

Next, we mix the strawberry flavoured sauce with a little modified corn starch.

We then whip the cold cream with the icing sugar in our Sammic compact cutter and put it into a piping bag. Put to one side.

*This bowl cutter is only for display, it is not for sale

Finally, on a plate we alternate dots of cream with the “Aperol gel”. We finish the dish by sprinkling it with Espelette pepper.

Fruit and vegetables have the ideal texture to create very interesting infusions, flavours and textures, if we know the percentage exposure to vacuum.

Chef notes