Lamb sweetbreads: temperature and time

A user asks our chef about the cooking time and temperature for preparing lamb sweetbreads in the sous-vide.

To vacuum-cook lamb sweetbreads, certain points must be taken into consideration.

Prior considerations

The sweetbreads must first be washed in water with salt to purify them. They must then be bleached; that is, boiled in water and salt and then cooled quickly. They will then be ready to cook under vacuum and low temperature.

Benefits of sous-vide for cooking lamb sweetbreads

The vacuum and the low temperature provides the sweetbreads a very fine and delicate texture. At the same time, they are aromatised and they turn out with a different, more personalised touch.

Cooking time and temperature

As a general recommendation, cook the lamb sweetbreads in a sous-vide at 65ºC for 2.5 hours.