King prawns with ginger and caramelised onion

The king prawn is a shellfish found in the seas all over the world. The Mediterranean is home to one of the most appreciated varieties.

It is a ten-legged crustacean with a semi-hard shell, pink in colour with brownish marbling. Today it is one of the most consumed shellfish due to its exquisite flavour, as well as the fact it can be purchased frozen, at a lower price than other species.

When cooked sous-vide, all of its juice and flavour remains inside the bag, so it is not lost during cooking.


King prawns with ginger and caramelised onion


  • 8 king prawns, skinned with their heads and tails
  • 2 caramelised onions
  • 20 g ginger juice

To serve

Place the king prawns into the caramelised onion and the ginger juice and cook for 6 min at 65º. Open the bag and spread the caramelised onion out on the plate and stagger the king prawns on top, drizzling with the cooking juices.