Air Creations: Chocolate volcanic stones

Today we bring you a nice example of what can be done by using our Vacuum Packing Machine and our sous-vide cookers: air creations.

This technique allows us to explore a particular feature that the Vacuum Packing Machines have. Through a vacuum, accompanied by an inverted cold bath, we can obtain aerial creations.


  • 300g of white chocolate
  • 65g cocoa butter
  • 35g peanut praline
  • Food colouring desired amount

In order to prepare chocolate volcanic stones, you can use a small container in the vacuum chamber, or you can use Vac-Norm containers with a lid and a vacuum valve that afterwards, will be introduced into a blast chiller.

For this kind of creations you need raw materials with high fat content such as sheep milk, fats like chocolate, pralines, butter, etc.

This is an example which shows that the possibilities of the Vacuum Packing machines go beyond mere food preservation.

Bon appétit !